Welcome To Bethany First Church

Join us for Sunday Worship at 9:30am 

We are back to full in person worship services! We do require masks in the building at this time, and ask to adhere to social distancing guidlines. 

Be sure to follow our Bethany First Church Facebook Page for up to date information on service announcements, events, weather closures, and more!

This Sunday January 15th 2022 join us for worship with our Guest Preacher Martin Donovan as he preaches his sermon “Seeing the Good Grain Instead of the Weeds” based on the scripture reading: Matthew 13:24-43 this Sunday!

Upcoming Worship Services:

Sunday January 23rd, 2022
Brian Peterson
Sunday January 30th, 2022
Brian Peterson

Have you missed a past Sunday Service with us? No worries! Following Sunday Worship sermons are posted online every Tuesday. Watch a missed sermon, or re-watch a favorite sermon right here, 24/7 online anytime! 

Our current office hours are by appointment only at this time. To schedule an appointment you can call the office at 203-393-3116, or e-mail our office administrator at info@bethanyfirstchurch.org