Meet our new settled pastor, Rev. Shea Zellweger!


Rev. Shea Zellweger has been serving churches in a ministerial capacity since 2005 and within the United Church of Christ since the summer of 2013. Among the positions he has held are those of Ministerial Intern, Youth Director, Associate Pastor, and Senior Pastor. He holds a Master’s Degree in Theological Research from Andover Newton Theological Seminary, and has done additional graduate work at Nazarene Theological Seminary and Chicago Theological Seminary. In his free time, Shea is a writer, having published two works of fiction and served as editor for two practical theology texts, as well as contributing to several theological essay collections. He also enjoys sports –‐ both as a spectator and an athlete –‐ and tabletop gaming.


Shea met his wife, Jocelyn, in their college a cappella choir in 2005, and they have been married since 2007. Jocelyn grew up in Fairfield and Easton, Connecticut, and graduated from the Connecticut Culinary Institute (Now Lincoln Culinary Institute) in Hartford. They welcomed their son Coletrane in June of 2008, and their daughter Tessa in November of 2014. Among Shea’s family members’ interests are painting, baking, robotics, Legos, learning to walk, and eating solid food. Their dog, Darius, is a half Newfoundland, half Border Collie, whose been in their family since February of 2013.

They are now living in Bethany, CT and Rev. Zellweger is serving as joint settled Pastor for First Church of Christ, Congregational in Bethany CT and South Congregational Church in Waterbury, CT.


Caption for photo:  Two local churches join to call a shared pastor – L-R Craig Massicotte (Bethany First Church Clerk), Donna Zielinski (Bethany First Church Moderator), Shea Zellweger (called Joint Pastor), Vincent Caggiano (South Cong. Waterbury Moderator), Marsha Muir (South Cong. Waterbury Clerk).

You can view Pastor Shea’s Calendar here.