In our Christian tradition, funerals and memorial services are important worship services in which we proclaim the Christian promise of the Resurrection at the same time that we provide an important opportunity to comfort one another in our shared loss.  

The UCC funeral rite service recognizes both the pain and sorrow of the separation that accompanies death and the hope and joy of the promises of God to those who die and are raised in Jesus Christ. The service celebrates the life of the deceased, gives thanks for that person’s life, and commends that life to God. It offers consolation to the bereaved by acknowledging their grief and anger or guilt. It provides the Christian community and others an opportunity to support the bereaved with their presence. Its purpose is to affirm once more the powerful, steadfast love of God from which people cannot be separated, even by death.

The above is adapted from the United Church of Christ Book of Worship (1986), published by the UCC Office for Church Life and Leaderhip.

We ask that those seeking information about funerals or memorial services please contact the church office to discuss.

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