Looking for ways to help our mission here at First Church of Christ, Congregational in Bethany?  There are lots of ways you can do it and here are just a few ways how.

Want to learn a little more about what it means to give?  Here is the FAQs, or perhaps the NAQs (never asked questions!) about Pledging.  The FAQs of Pledging

Annual Pledge – Want to make a pledge to First Church to support our continued commitment or increase your pledge?  Just fill out a pledge card available in the Parlor and drop in the collection plate

Electronic giving – We now offer direct deposit for your annual pledge.  You can do a once a month draft on the 1st or 15th, or twice monthly.  Just see Shari Austin at Coffee hour for the enrollment form.  Don’t worry about writing checks each week or forgetting your envelopes! Still want something to drop in the plate each week?  If you have set up electronic payments, you can download and print these plate slips that you can drop in the plate to indicate that you have sent in your contribution electronically. Plate slips for electronic giving

Stop and Shop gift card program – our church participates in the Stop and Shop scrip gift card program.  Quite simply, you can purchase Stop and Shop gift cards at face value through the church and the church receives from Stop and Shop a 5% discount.  That means, just by doing your normal shopping or fueling your car, you can help contribute to our church.  The gift cards can be used to purchase not only groceries at Stop and Shop, but also other gift cards they offer for sale and at the gas pumps.  To order cards, just complete the Order form and drop in the plate or send to Craig Massicotte.  Cards are ordered on Monday and delivered the following Sunday.  Download the order form or pick up printed forms in the parlor at church.  Stop and Shop gift card order form

Great Lakes Scrip Gift Card Program:  Twice a year, we offer gift cards for purchase through the Great Lakes Scrip program.  You purchase gift cards at face value and a portion of the proceeds go directly to the church as a fundraiser. We will be doing another order soon, so check it out!

Fuel Assistance:  The Board of Mission & Stewardship is collecting money throughout the remainder of the winter to benefit town residents in need of emergency home heating fuel assistance. Demand is high this year due to federal cuts to state assistance programs.  Jeanne DelVecchio with the Bethany Human Services Dept says, “What is happening is people who have applied for fuel assistance and got approved have already gone through their allotment. They are not qualifying for Crisis Assistance or Safety Net which is step 2 and 3 of the Energy Assistance Program. I’ve gotten three panic calls since Tuesday. So your Church is my oxygen!!”  Checks can be written payable to the church with “Fuel Assistance” in the memo section, or cash can be given using the envelopes in the pews. All proceeds will benefit the town’s emergency fuel fund.

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