During the Season of Lent, our weekly devotional will feature a personal spiritual discipline for you to try engaging. This week’s discipline is Prayer
In some ways, this is our third week of prayer. Meditation is a form of prayer. So is Lectio Divina. But this week, we’ll be composing prayers of our own design.
Find a pen and paper, or open a new document in your preferred word processor.
Take a moment to settle yourself, and focus on the task at hand.
Now, write a letter to God.
I’ll even give you the first line:
Dear God,

When you have finished your letter, sign it. Then do with it whatever will be most meaningful for you. Some people delete their file or throw away (or burn) their paper, as a way of sending it away from themselves to God. Others hold on to it, so that they can go back at a later time and see how God has responded to their prayer. If you are writing in a journal, consider leaving space between entries so that you can write in the way God responds later on.

Try writing prayers for a week, and see if it is a practice you want to adopt.