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We are located at: 

511 Amity Rd
Bethany CT 06524
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Join us for worship, Sundays at 9:30 AM!

This Christian Life

One of the fastest growing sectors in the American economy is the Personal Development Industry. Self help books, motivational speakers, life coaches, lifestyle gurus, and many other sources are seeing huge profits because they are addressing a question Americans are asking: How should I live my life?

In the book of Ephesians, Paul writes a letter to a new Christian community to help them answer this same question. They are hungry to know how they should live now that they are Christ followers. If that’s something you’ve wondered, join us for this six episode series on Ephesians that we call “This Christian Life.”
July 29: “A Chosen People.” Guest Preacher Martin Donovan
*August 5: “Saved from What?” Worshipping at Hopeville Church, 160 Piedmont St Waterbury CT.
*August 12: “United We Stand.” Guest Preacher Vince Caggiano
*August 19: “On Being Holy.” Guest Preacher Margaret Jackson. Worshipping at Hopeville Church
*August 26: “For the Love.”
September 2: “Christian Self Defense.”
*Worship is at 10:30 throughout the month of August.


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