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INVITATION Sermon Series

This past February, a single 30 second ad during the Super Bowl cost 5.5 Million dollars. With numbers like those, it can seem like reaching people with our message is out of reach for communities of faith. Yet no matter how large or how small the advertising budget is, research has shown time and again that word of mouth is still the most effective way to reach people. In fact, two of the top three reasons a person will visit a community of faith boil down to “because somebody asked me to.” Can you imagine what the church could accomplish simply by asking others to join in our mission? 
Join us in the month of June as we explore the power of Invitation.
June 3 – “An Open Invitation,” Rev. Shea Zellweger
June 10 – “Relationships Matter,” Vincent Caggiano
June 17 – “A Restored Faith,” Bruce Modeen


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